KCOCA Board of Directors

Our Story

Simply put, we are an organization of Kern County professionals dedicated to aiding the education of local students. The story behind our organization, KCOCA Founder and President Robin Brassfield-Cooper: "Many of you know that I have been involved in many organizations and charities, and for some time I have been wanting to start my own. I have spent many hours mentoring students and I have heard over and over again that they do not qualify for scholarships because they may not have a 4.0.  Over the years,  I have seen plenty of “B” average students become successful. The thought of a “B” average student giving up a dream due to the stress of financial hardship weighed heavy on my heart. In 2015, I formed my Committee Members who share my vision and we have been sharing our vision ever since!"

Our Mission

KCOCA is an organization that is dedicated to providing educational incentives, opportunities, and assistance to Kern County high school students who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing higher academic learning after completing high school, and for those who have an interest in, or a connection to, the oil & gas, agriculture, construction, utility and energy industries.  The KCOCA Scholarship Committee seeks to help fund and support qualified students by helping to fill the unmet financial needs of students pursuing educational opportunities at accredited colleges, universities and technical institutions.

KCOCA seeks to assist local students who plan to remain in, or return to, Kern County after completing their post-secondary education because KCOCA recognizes that the continued education of our youth benefits our entire community.

Committee Members

Robin Brassfield-Cooper
Chuck Cartwright
Jennifer Baird
Melanie Brassfield

Brad Newburg
Matt Brassfield
Ed Rodriguez
Gloria Williams

Christian Beck
Risk Rust
Scott Quashnick